Our Water

Fresh and Natural, Still and Sparkling

Crag spring water comes from a spring situated at the foothill of Shutlinsloe, a hill near the village of Wildboarclough, in the east of the county of Cheshire. It stands to the south of Macclesfield Forest, on the edge of the Peak District and within the Peak District National Park. 

A steep-sided hill with a distinctive profile it's sometimes described as the ‘Matterhorn of Cheshire' and is the third highest peak in the county. The hill is formed from alternating layers of mudstones and coarse sandstones which were laid down in a delta system in the Carboniferous period.

Crag Spring water for centuries has filtered through these layers of sand and rock to produce almost pure water. 

We sell both still and sparkling spring water in 330ml and 750ml bottles.  The 330ml bottes come in crates of 20 bottles and the 750ml bottles in crates of 12. The sparkling water has a natural soft taste and is carbonated lightly. 

Crag Spring Water is tested regularly for purity using controlled laboratories.The water is also bacterial tested before it is released for public sale.

Typical Analysis mg/ltr


Magnesium .....15  





Dry Residue at 180c......120 

PH at source......7